Ozpig Double Offset Chimney Pieces


Don’t run for cover when the weather turns, take your cooking undercover with the help of the Ozpig Double Offset Chimney Pieces. These two elbow chimney pieces, bent at 45 degrees, can be attached to your standard straight chimney pieces to offset the chimney back further behind the Ozpig. Then you can set your pig up under an awning, or on your back deck, with the flue taking any smoke up and away from all of the action.

Plus by positioning one of the offset pieces right down the bottom of the chimney stack, you can create extra space to use a bigger camp oven, fry pan or wok on top of the Ozpig opening. The two offset pieces can also be further extended by adding more straight chimney sections (available to purchase separately) between them.

By using the pieces in any order, you can create a chimney configuration that suits your situation – while staying out of the elements and keeping smoke at bay. A locking pin stops the chimney from swiveling and keeps it perfectly vertical. Plus a handy lug at the bottom of the chimney section improves safety by allowing you to use a standard extendable tent pole to support the weight of the chimney, to prevent the Ozpig from going belly up.

Always ensure you use your Ozpig in an open space with adequate ventilation. (The Ozpig is not for indoor use).