Masport I7000 Rural Zero Clearance Inbuilt Fire Package including 4.2m Zero Clearance Flue Kit

Original price was: $6,998.00.Current price is: $5,999.00.

Masport I7000 Rural Zero Clearance Inbuilt fire and 4.2m Zero Clearance flue kit package RRP $6998

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The stunning and expansive viewing window of the clean-burning inbuilt I7000 ZC (Zero Clearance) rural fire creates a natural gathering place in the heart of your home. Its minimal frame allows the ambiance of the fire to really shine. Powerful and reliable, the I7000 ZC Rural fireplace will efficiently heat a large home and has been designed for safe use within timber framing.

  • Suitable for large homes (4 bedroom+)
  • For ZC applications (includes steel zero clearance box to allow installation into timber frame)
  • This fire is only available for rural properties 2ha or larger
  • 10 year replacement firebox guarantee
  • Complies to Rural – Properties more than 2 Hectares
  • Must have ducted air vents for efficient heating, Requires intake vents to cavity for combustion air