Firenzo Lady Kitchener Rural Fire including 4.2m Flue Kit

Firenzo Lady Kitchener rural fire and 4.2m flue kit package

Please read the following information before ordering.

Upon ordering we will contact you to confirm:

  • your choice of tile colour
  • your choice of black or silver nuts
  • your choice of Legs, Pedestal, or Platform base

The following extras are available:

  • A black or silver Rail Set is available as an extra for RRP $145
  • An outside Air Kit (straight) is available as an extra for RRP $290
  • An outside Air Kit with either a 45 degree or 90 degree bend is available as an extra for RRP $370

The following wetback options are available as an extra:

  • Wetback 3 Coil – 5kw RRP $380
  • Wetback 1.5 Coil – 3kw RRP $360

This fire has a large surface area which makes it ideal for larger homes. A cooktop area and the option of a generous hot water heater means you will be ready for the longest winter. Not only is it ECan approved and is CM1 approved for Canterbury, but it also complies with council only permit fires under 0.5g/kg.

  • Homes over 150m²
  • Wetback available
  • 10 Year Warranty